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Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

United States

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Manager - Business Support


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Tembagapura, Indonesia 

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Energy and Power Jobs: Operations

Job Description:

Provide guidance and logistical assistance including cost control, manpower and administrative support to Maintenance Support VP and area managers to allow them to focus on their core maintenance and operation activities aligned with meeting and exceeding targets associated with department and divisional KPI’s.
Additional Responsibilities:
  1. Support all maintenance areas in planning, contracts & capital, manpower management & administration, and special projects work/resource management.
  2. Further develop the systems necessary to eliminate human intervention on contract management as well as streamlining processes and conflict resolution.
  3. Monitor payment terms, invoices and budgets to ensure all correlate.
  4. Identify and resolve contractual issues to reduce emotional battles among the workforces.
  5. Manage the budgets of the major equipment maintenance contracts.
  6. Consolidate the maintenance planning groups through all Maintenance Support areas and guide them through a process that improves and standardizes activities.
  7. Decide upon, develop and implement new KPI’s that reinforce productivity, quality, reliability, safety and cost reduction through all Maintenance Support maintenance groups.
  8. Drive projects and actions that increase availability in all maintenance fleets.
  9. Coordinate with QMS to develop planning system training & manpower development.
  10. Ensure manpower planning & strategies are provided to comply with current and future needs.
  11. Continue to provide long-term projections and plans for LV, Heavy equipment, Marine fleets and facilities.
  12. Ensure strategies are in place to handle support work such as component rebuilds, fabrications and major and minor equipment overhauls.