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Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

United States

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Technical Expert, Concentrating Risk Assurance


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Tembagapura, Indonesia 

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Engineering Services

Job Description:

Provide technical expertise to overall process of defining, negotiating, drafting and execution of all Concentrating areas in development and implementation of Risk Management System and to ensure that the company safety and operational targets are met.
Support and assist PTFI's Concentrating Division in development and implementation of an integrated FRESH Management System to ensure the achievement of GOI Mining Safety (SMKP) and ISO 45001 Compliance recommendation. All of this is to be accomplished within budget and on schedule.
Additional Responsibilities:
1.         Monitor and advice on safety policies and practices throughout PTFI's area of work to ensure all safety policies and practices are followed and that they conform to GOI and international standards.
2.         Provide safety advice for the development, maintenance and continuous improvement of the PTFI major safety program elements, such as:
  • SMKP/ISO 45001-based Freeport Safety Health Management System (FRESH)
  • Fatal Risk Management (FRM) Program 
  • Safety Accountability Program
  • Behavior-based Safety Program
  • Safety and Health Steering Committee
  • Internal Accident Investigation Committee
  • Safety Training Program.
3.         Serve as a liaison between the Division Management and the PTFI Safety Department to ensure good coordination and mutual support towards the achievement of PTFI's SMPK and ISO 45001 target. This includes both internal to the Division and externally to the Site Safety Department.
4.         Identify, Coordinate, monitor, and control of the Training and Development activities of National safety representatives in the Concentrating Division to develop competencies, skills and trust among the division's managers and field personnel.
5.         Provide content advice and edit all safety-related documents that affect the Concentrating Division, such as accident investigation reports, monthly reports, safety policies, procedures and safety publications.
6.         Analyze, review, evaluate and provide technical guidance relative to operational safety matters to minimize the risk to equipment damage and operational disturbance.
7.         Review, evaluate and offer safety-process improvements in order to support continuous improvement initiatives, and maintain work plan in compliance with the determined objectives, goals, trends and future needs of division safe operation strategies.
8.         Develop, establish and maintain effective business relationship and communication with key personnel of End-Users and Contractors under scope of responsibility in coordination with Concentrating Management personnel to improve performance of contractor’s safety, occupational health, and quality of safe mining service.
9.         Monitor, control and promote safety and environmental policy and procedure to the entire staff to ensure the safety and environmental policies are implemented and zero accident.