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Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

United States

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Technical Advisor - Community Liaison


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Tembagapura, Indonesia 

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Job Description:

Advise the Head of Social Responsibility and Community Development on coordination of community development and relations with current operations and capital development within the PT-FI Contract of Work.  Analyze need for, conceive, develop, and implement action plans to ensure that the Sustainable Development program supports the operational production plan.  Coordinate organizationally and cross-functionally to support these objectives, and identify and implement project teams as required.  Liaise with corporate operational, social/local development, and administrative groups as required.  

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Coordinate efforts to address environmental, public health, social welfare, and business continuity concerns associated with illegal mining activities within the Contract of Work.
  2. Act as a key technical advisor on organizational structure and integration of community development and relations.
  3. Advise the Social Responsibility and Community Development management on the potential security implications of various community programs.  Be familiar with the interface with security issues on FCPA compliance, Voluntary Principles on security and Human Rights, and accepted international protocols in the community development arena.
  4. Plan and forecast organizational requirements in response to changing production plans and evolving community issues.
  5. Advise, communicate, and assist in formulation of company policy on community development-related matters.
  6. Assist with planning and coordination with community funds including LPMAK, LEMASA, and LEMASKO.
  7. Conduct effective liaison and coordination with groups including local and government leaders (community, government, police, and military), informal local leaders, and PTFI/FCX management groups.
  8. Oversee integration of Highlands, Lowlands, and site-wide community relations/development groups.
  9. Plan for emergency preparedness contingencies and function as a crisis management team member. Develop and maintain civil disturbance contingency plans, and assist in development and rehearsal of site contingency plans.
  10. Assist the Social Responsibility and Community Development management in the development and implementation of strategic plans integrating Social-Local Development, Security, Government Relations, Community Communication, Legal, and Corporate Communication groups. Integrate community development planning with business planning.