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Freeport McMoRan Copper & Gold Inc.

United States

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Technical Advisor, Risk Assurance and Compliance


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Tembagapura, Indonesia 

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Category Classification:

Health & Safety

Job Description:

Direct, oversee and evaluate the development and implementation of Underground Division’s Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) programs, policies, and procedures.  Responsibilities are to provide oversight in the setup of new health and safety systems that improve performance, change the safety culture and improve the training and understanding of the work force to ensure safety is at the forefront of all activities. The position also has responsibility to identify shortcomings and improve performance of the underground mine rescue group on site.

Additional Responsibilities:

  1. Provide oversight and input in the building of programs and processes that ensure best practices are developed within the health and safety group.

  2. Understand and ensure that all Governmental and PTFI regulations, laws and procedures are followed and adhered to with regards to safe work practices and work areas.

  3. Develop training systems for the mine rescue group and ensure that the mine rescue team has proper skills, training, tools and leadership.

  4. Ensure adherence to standard PTFI safety programs. Fully participate in FRESH requirements and reporting programs. Further develop area specific safety programs or structures that address risks in critical working areas such as traffic control, adherence to SOPs, electrical safety, rigging, etc.

  5. Develop and implement key performance metrics that accurately measure performance and encourage continued improvement in all work areas as they pertain to employee health and safety.

  6. Review, develop, and implement training/education programs that are mandatory as required by the Government of Indonesia but also that advance employee understanding for improved safety performance.

  7. Fully participate and progress succession plans that develop employees with high potential so that the organization continues to grow and develop.

  8. Investigate, develop, and implement continuous improvement programs that encourage improved productivity, safety and efficiencies.

  9. Review shortcomings in the UG SHE group to help move them from an administrative function to one that guides, coaches, corrects and improves safety systems for all work departments in the Underground Division.

  10. Ensure records are properly recorded that comply with best practices and DEMR regulations.

  11. Provide the leadership for the work group that allows subordinates to have clear direction and a sense of belonging and worth.

  12. Develop and implement new communication vehicles that progress open dialogue between the OH&S group and Operations.

  13. Mentor and coach employees in all levels of the department so that their skill sets are improved both technically and from a leadership standpoint. Develop Field Safety Officers to engage the workforce in correcting unsafe acts and not to focus only on unsafe conditions.

  14. Develop, socialize, and implement the required actions of all staff that improve safety performance in their work areas.

  15. Develop and implement the programs that bring cohesiveness to all divisional safety and health groups so that practices, organization and roles are similar and followed.

  16. Provide the leadership for all divisional safety groups for continued improvement and combined efforts to change the safety culture at PTFI.

  17. Assist in the identification of key risk area in each of the operations and provide the leadership to mitigate risks through accepted practices.

  18. Provide oversight of key internal and external audits and determine which add value and improvement.

  19. Advance the development and implementation of the FRESH systems.